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Since there are thousands of insurance companies in every country, I recommend using broker service when finding private health insurance. It is because brokers can provide more information and unbiased advice when comparing different plans and insurance providers. Brokers allow you to compare similar plans in different insurance companies and you can choose the cheapest one or the most suitable one.

Below, I will show you some insurance companies and brokers in different Asia countries for reference. Of course, you can search on the net when looking for a health insurance plan. I believe more researches can save final cost and you will understand more about what you actually wanted.

Singapore Health Insurance – The government uses the capacity of the private sector to reduce waiting times in the public sector. Although company need to provide health insurance for their employees, usually only minimum coverage is provided. Therefore, more people are going to buy an insurance policy for better coverage. Pacific Prime is one of the most popular insurance brokers in Singapore.

Hong Kong Health Insurance – there is no compulsory health insurance cover in Hong Kong, so people need to buy private health insurance for their own. According to the statistics, Bupa is one of the most popular insurance providers in Hong Kong.

Taiwan Health Insurance – Ministry of Health and Welfare, there is a compulsory social insurance plan introduced by Taiwan Government. More information can be found on the government website.

South Korea Health Insurance – South Korea maintains a universal healthcare system, it was initially reliant on not-for-profit insurance societies to manage and provide the health insurance coverage.

Japan Health Insurance - There are two types of health insurance in Japan, National Health Insurance or Employees' Health Insurance. Roughly saying, all Japanese citizens are required to buy health insurance and they will only need to pay part of the cost.